Fouronmyskirt’s Rants and Ravings

Hi.  I’m Lisa a.k.a. Fouronmyskirt. I have four handsome, intelligent, burping, farting, nose picking, loving boys, who aren’t so little anymore. Plus, a hubby.This year we added a bonus daughter to our family when our son got married.  I hope to bring you laughter, a sympathetic ear, and a place where you can rant about being a mother.  Oh I could rant for DAYS!

Let me tell you about how I got the name Fouronmyskirt.  Back in the day of dial up internet access with AOL I had to come up with a screen name.  I didn’t want the same old simple one with just my name.  So the hubby, kids and I are driving down the road and the hubs says to me, “How about Fouronmyskirt?”  I’m like what are you talking about?  He said you know, you have four boys and the are ALWAYS hanging on you for something. I’m like, you’re a genius.  So from that day on I have been Fouronmyskirt.


1 thought on “Fouronmyskirt’s Rants and Ravings

  1. Becki

    Love this Lisa! you need to keep it going! I’ve thought about doing a DIY blog, we could collaborate!! Bit I think it’s an awesome outlet for you!



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